Griffith joins Darlington Point chorus for a tap water fix.

Griffith residents are now crying foul over water quality, but it’s Darlington Point residents still negating drinking water issues months after an E. coli bacteria detected in Darlington Point water in March. 

Darlington Point resident Stacey Maugeri said the water is still “putrid”, and hasn’t been drinking it for months.

“It’s so bad I have to wash my clothes twice because they come out smelling when I wash them the first time.”

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority was contacted, and confirmed the Griffith and Darlington Point water issues are council issues.


Murrumbidgee Council advise residents ‘continuous best practice approach’ is being undertaken to deliver safe drinking water as directed by NSW Health and NSW Department of Primary Industries-Water.

Council reassures residents of Darlington Point that the drinking water is safe as required by the NSW Drinking Water Guideline.

Residents are advised that chlorine will continue to be added to the Darlington Point water supply until further notice.

The chlorination of the town’s water supply is the result of a directive from NSW Health and NSW Department of Primary Industries-Water.

A rigorous water quality program is being carried out, with daily testing carried out by Council and weekly tests by an independent testing laboratory.

Council is in the process of carrying out a detailed assessment of water treatment options to ensure safe drinking water continues to be supplied to residents a long-term basis.