Heritage Darlington Point news, August 8, 2017

HERITAGE Darlington Point will be at the Spring Fair on September 23 and we look forward to seeing our friends and supporters – and perhaps making some new ones.

Solar installation: Darlington Point Museum has stepped into the future with the installation of solar panels in March this year, and the system is now in operation. This was funded by a Murrumbidgee Council Community Grant.

Warangesda Mission display: This excellent display was recently held at Griffith Art Gallery. We were delighted to contribute a little towards the exhibition, in particular some of the research of the late Tom Finley. Anyone who missed it may be pleased to hear it will be staged again in Narrandera, scheduled for August (dates yet to be confirmed).

McCallum Bible and its Donor: This weighty volume once belonged to the Darlington Point Presbyterian (later Uniting) church, and was donated to our museum after that church closed. For a time it was lodged for safekeeping in the Local History Room at Griffith Library, and has lately been returned to our collection. The inscription on the front flyleaf shows the bible was donated to the church by Mr and Mrs MacCallum in 1894.                                                                          

Neil MacCallum was manager of Tubbo Station from 1887 to 1893, and a staunch member of the Presbyterian Church. His portrait in the book Tubbo; The Great Peters’ Run, by Paul de Serville, shows him at a mature age, white-bearded and dignified, however, his obituary in 1913 reveals a rather more adventurous side. Having arrived in Sydney from Glasgow as a 19-year-old crewman on the ship Balmoral, he jumped ship to join the gold rush. He may not have struck gold, but was very fortunate in another way – the Balmoral was lost at sea on its return journey, with no survivors.