Coleambally's Rural Fire Brigade teaches the importance of fire safety in the lead up to bushfire season

The Coleambally Rural Fire Brigade were out in full force on Sunday for their annual Get Ready Weekend. 

Event organiser Tom Breed said that the purpose of the day was to make sure that the community was prepared in the even of a bushfire. 

“We’re just trying to get people to make sure their properties are clean, clear and safe,” he said.

“An ember can travel up to 22 kilometres. It’s what burns the majority of houses.”

Mr Breed said that simple steps can be taken to help prepare for fire season. 

“It’s simple things like cleaning gutters, trimming over hanging branches, keeping the lawn mowed and having adequate hoses,” he said. 

They were also using the day as an opportunity to help people develop a fire plan.

“Having a fire plan is important. It gives you all the steps you need to keep your house safe and what you should do if something does come through,” Mr Breed said. 

“Go to your local fire brigade and ask for one of the written plans. They’ll provide you with one of the written plan with four steps on it.”

Those steps will give you the information you’ll need.”


Among the attractions was a smoke house, which simulated a house fire to teach kids how to stop, drop and roll.

Kids were also invited to check out the brigade’s  truck.

The Coleambally Fire Brigade were given a new fire truck just this past January to help them help others. 

“It’s great to have on hand when we need it,” he said. 

“As a brigade we’ve already had three call outs, so we’ll be ready and prepared to go when we’re needed.”