Operation Drink Drive 2 results in the MIA over the weekend

Photo: Paul Rovere
Photo: Paul Rovere

Griffith’s men and women in blue took part in the state wide Drink Drive Operation 2 across the MIA over the weekend.

The three-day operation targeted drink-driving, speeding and other traffic offences, and began at 12.01am on Friday November 3 and ended at 11.59pm on Sunday November 5.

There was a total of 99 Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol (PCA) charges laid, including one high range, three mid range, four low range and one special range for novice drivers.

Police dealt out a further 80 infringements, with 40 given out for speeding and five for no seat belt.

“We did not have any serious motoring accidents which is certainty very pleasing, but it is still disappointing to see people driving with any amount of alcohol in their system,” Inspector Kim Traynor said.

Across the state, Police charged 238 drink-drivers and issued more than 6500 infringements during the operation.

Officers targeted major motorways, main roads and local streets across the state, conducting random breath and random drug testing.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said that the number of people caught drink-driving is disappointing.

“It is alarming to see that despite the rain over the weekend, at least 238 people still made the decision to drink-and-drive,” he said.

“All 238 of those drivers who made the decision to drink and drive will have to front court and explain why they chose to put themselves and others at risk on the roads, through their selfish decisions.”