Water safety makes a splash in Coleambally

As summer rolls around, so does the need to teach kids about water safety. 

Coly Swim Club is aiming to do just that. 

On Friday, the club introduced a Junior Dolphin Race to kick off their season. 

The race is aimed at kids aged seven and under who aren’t confident in swimming the full 25 metre length of the pool.

They may use a board or a pool noodle to assist with their swimming.

Swimming skills are something ever child need to know, especially in the country.

Naomi Jones

Coly Swim Club’s Naomi Jones said water safety needed to be a top priority over summer. 

“We’ve got a lot of juniors going through, so we thought we would introduce a Dolphin Race,” she said. 

“Hopefully we can build a bit of confidence and by the end of the season they will be able to swim without help.” 


Around eight entrants signed up for their first week. 

With so many channels and canals around the Coleambally area, Ms Jones thinks swimming is practically a survival skill. 

“Swimming skills are something you needs to know, especially in the country. A lot of children have to cross bridges over channels to get home.”

The Dolphin Race takes place at 5:30pm every Friday at the Coleambally Pool.