Coly Community Gym is looking to muscle up with a new home

For nearly three years the Coleambally Sweatbox Community Gym has been a growing force in the community that shows no signs of slowing down. 

With 80 members and counting, Coly’s gym is looking to expand even further. They’re looking to build their own site. 

Gym committee member Joe Briggs said the gym was looking to expand into a new home. 

“The gym has become a really big part of the town. It’s great for people’s mental health… it brings a lot to the town socially as well. Lots of people come together.” he said.

“We run classes through the gym now and it’s important that we keep it growing.” 

The committee says Coly would reap the benefits. 

“The new gym would have a indoor netball or soccer court which could be used for market days and other community events as well.”

The gym run as a non-profit group and is funded by member’s fees. It was established three years ago as part of a community effort. 


Mr Briggs thinks the same community effort could help with the planned expansion. 

“We’re just looking to raise awareness about it... We’re hoping to crowdfund some of the money through the community,” he said. 

The gym committee have also been applying for different  community grants to assist with construction. 

Mr Briggs said ideally their new home will be close to the centre of town.

For Coleambally business owner Lynne Stuckings, the benefits of having a gym in the main street have been undeniable. 

“It’s been fantastic for our local businesses,” she said. 

“When people are out and about, they often stop in to have a coffee or do shopping. People can work out and catch up.”

It’s a great place in the community and definitely something we’d want to see continue to grow.” 

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