Coly volunteers welcome new safe passing rule

SAFETY FIRST: The Coleambally Rescue Squad was first formed in 1976.
SAFETY FIRST: The Coleambally Rescue Squad was first formed in 1976.

MIA emergency services personnel could soon benefit from a new law that would see speed limits in place in high-risk situations. 

The NSW Government says the proposed changes would implement a 40 km/h speed limit for any road user passing an emergency vehicle. It’s a move welcomed by several emergency service teams, including the captain of Coly’s Volunteer Rescue Squad Geoff Guymer. 

“It’s definitely something I think is a good idea … it would certainly make things safer for everyone involved,” he said. 

“I’ve spoken to other guys in other units and heard stories of people in cars speeding past the scene of an accident.”


Coly’s VRA has responded to their fair share of accidents over the years. Mr Guymer says traffic concerns could have the potential to distract from the emergency or the incident at hand. 

“There’s a lot to be aware of on the scene of an emergency without having to worry about traffic whizzing past. These kinds of changes mean you wouldn’t have to have as many people watching traffic and more people could be attending to the accident.” 

The changes will be trialled over a 12 months period kicking off in September, following a comprehensive public education campaign. 

He agrees the proposed changes could be particularly effective on accidents along long country highways like the Kidman Way. 

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Troy Grant said the new rule helps ensure the safety of emergency service providers. 

“These news measures will help ensure the safety of our dedicated emergency service personnel.”