Coleambally and Darlington Point church times

Anglican: Sunday 9am, holy Eucharist. DP 9am morning prayer.

Catholic: Oliver Plunkett, DP, first, third, fifth Sunday 8.30am. Second, fourth Sunday 6pm. Mon to Wed and Fri 8.30am DP. St Peter’s, Coleambally, first, third, fifth Sunday 10.30am. Second, fourth Sunday 8am. Thursday 8am.

St Mark the Evangelist, Coleambally: Sunday 9am, third Sunday 11am.

St Paul’s, DP: Sunday 9am, first Sunday 11am.

Seventh Day reform movement sabbath school: Saturday 10am. Workshop service 11.30am. Young people 2pm.

Uniting: Sunday 10.30am.