The Observer
The Coly Point Observer serves the residents of Coleambally, a close-knit farming community situated in the rich Murrumbidgee region in the NSW Riverina.

A relatively young town, founded in 1968, Coleambally has a population of just over 1,300.

Coleambally services the surrounding irrigation area that supports the production of rice, wheat, cotton, maize, sorghum and soybeans along with the grazing of sheep and cattle.

One of the iconic attractions in Coleambally is a giant wine glass shaped water tower in the centre of town, reflecting the town’s dependence on irrigation and the importance of the wider Riverina wine industry.

Coleambally has a rich community life, centering around a variety of sporting codes.

Along with its ACM sister mastheads in the Riverina, The Area News at Griffith and The Irrigator at Leeton, The Observer advocates for the interests of this important agricultural centre.