Central School Captains putting best foot forward

Coly Central students are putting their best foot forward in 2018, electing four new captains to represent their school. 

Year 12 students Tom Breed and George Payne have been elected in the senior school and Zoe Rowan and Lachlan Vearing were chosen to lead junior school. 

George Payne said it was a good opportunity to get himself out and workshop his leadership skills. 

“I wanted to build on my leadership and public speaking skills. It was a good opportunity to get to know anyone in the school,” he said. 

After submitting a speech and having teachers sign off, students present their speech in front of their classmates and teachers who then take it to a vote. 

George and Tom didn’t have to worry about getting along as captains either, they’re cousins and have known each other most of their lives. 


Outside of school, both are involved with Coly’s Rural Fire Service (RFS). 

While good leadership can take many forms, both boys already know what kind of leadership they want to model as captains. 

“A good leader isn’t someone who just sits in an office and tells you what to do. They put themselves out there,” Tom said. 

“A good leader wouldn’t tell you to do anything they wouldn’t do.” 

George echoed a similar sentiment. 

“They also won’t leave anyone behind. It’s about bringing people with you,” he added.