New arrival for Altina Australia's largest Maned wolf pack.

Altina’s newest first-time Mum has spent a very special mother’s day with her newborn pup. 

Tepin, a newly-imported maned wolf, was brought to the park all the way from from Pueblo Zoo in Colorado.

Her silver pup immediately caught the eye of keepers immediately, considering maned wolf pups are usually born black. As a result, he was named Estano meaning pewter in Spanish.

A spokesperson for the park said the labour was a difficult one. 

“The labour intensified with very little progress and the decision was made to call in the vet, Tepin was fully anaesthetised for a urgent but delicate cesarean and soon after a oversized 401g, healthy, strong boy was delivered,” they said.

When Tepin woke up, she struggled with maternal instincts. As a result, it was essential that Estano would be hand reared. Feeding took place every two hours around the clock. In-depth records of his weight and behaviour were taken. Keepers had to deal with the distinctive skunk wolf smell that lingered around anything he came into contact with.

Maned Wolves and have been declared endangered by the Argentine Wildlife Board and Altina house the only breeding group of Maned Wolves in Australasia, as well as maintaining the largest collection worldwide. 

Altina are part of the European Endangered species Program, the European Stud Book and contribute information about Maned Wolves to the American Zoological Association.

This story Altina has a growing Maned wolf family first appeared on The Area News.