Coleambally birthday planning in full swing

With Coleambally about to celebrate its 50th Birthday, preparations for the big weekend are already in full swing. 

A highlight at the 40th birthday almost a decade ago, residents are now being encouraged to register their own floats for the birthday parade. 

50th Birthday Committee Member Lynne Stuckings said the town committee had been working hard to make the weekend one to remember. 

Coleambally 40th Birthday Celebrations in 2008.

“We encourage any individuals or groups in town to contact us to register their floats,” she said. 

“Everyone still remembers all the floats moving through the main street from the last celebration. It was one of the big highlights.” 

The weekend is looking to be jam-packed with activities. Coleambally’s famous birthday fireworks are also set to make a return. 

“We’ve actually got the same guy who prepared the fireworks for the 40th birthday. They were so popular” she said. 

“Everyone loved them.”


The event will also see the return of several graduating classes from around Coleambally. 

“They’ll all be celebrating together. We should expect to see a lot of familiar faces back in town,” Ms Stuckings said. 

“We’ll have a lot more information coming out as we get closer to the date.” 

Coleambally will be celebrating it’s 50th birthday with events throughout town from June 8 – 11. For more information visit